Welcome the Newest Addition

In my last post I showed you my white, rectangular dining table, two white chairs and newly painted navy bench.  It’s a pretty long table so even though I now have all those seats, I still can use more.  A newly married friend and her husband are in the process of revamping their apartment.  Since their styles are completely opposite, modern vs antique, I end up getting first dibs on many of the pieces they are getting rid of.  This time I got another chair.  A black antique folding chair with woven rattan back and seat.

I love the chair but the color isn’t quite right.  The black feels too heavy and just doesn’t work with the navy, blush and gold color palette I’m going for.  The plan is to strip the chair, I know, a big and not so fun job, and paint it navy just like the bench.  I was already able to recruit my mom to make a new cushion.  We used a pretty lace-like diamond pattern fabric in a very pale blush and matching pink velvet ribbon to make the ties.  This is what it looks like at the moment but will  keep you posted once the paint project is complete.


This is my new chair.....black antique folding chair with woven rattan back and seat.

This is my new chair…..black antique folding chair with woven rattan back and seat.


Chair detail

Chair detail

Here is the chair with its new cushion.  We may need to tuft it in a few spots...looking a little puffy as is but loving the blush lace-like fabric.

Here is the chair with its new cushion. We may need to tuft it in a few spots…looking a little puffy as is but loving the blush lace-like fabric.






Color Inspiration

When I first laid eyes on my apartment, the first thing I noticed was that everything was white.  Everything felt so fresh and so clean.  Oh, the possibilities….my mind couldn’t stop thinking of all the possibilities.  Since I didn’t have a lot of stuff and had no intention of filling my space with a lot of stuff, I wanted to fill my space with color and white was the perfect background to do just that.  But, four months into living in my great white space and I quickly learned that painting was forbidden…I’m pretty sure that was the word the building owner used when I subtly suggested adding a bit of color.

Needless to say, I was a little disappointed.  Don’t get me wrong, I love white but I also really love pale pink or just about any shade of pink for that matter.  I’ve also been obsessed with navy for a while now…have you ever looked up at the sky at dusk and seen that shade of blue?  You must know the one I’m talking about.  It’s not your darkest navy and not quite cobalt….it’s somewhere in between and in my opinion, it has got to be one of the most incredible colors I’ve ever seen and I wanted to bring it home with me.  So this is where I was going with my color inspiration–pale pink and maybe a sprinkling of hot pink, my favorite navy with touches of gold and silver and of course, white.

Here are some of my color inspirations….

Pink Bedspread (image from lola-and-daisy.tumblr.com)

I actually have a similar bedspread…washed pink velvet on one side, stonewashed cotton on the other….an ABC Carpet & Home warehouse sale find. (image from lola-and-daisy.tumblr.com)

Low Pink Bookcase (image from myidealhome.tumblr.com)

Hmmm, this could very easily be my next decorating project…(image from myidealhome.tumblr.com)

Dusk Blue Wall (image from urbanbarbies.tumblr.com)

Dusk….this is what I’ve been dreaming of! (image from urbanbarbies.tumblr.com)

The Golden Pouf (image from houzz.com)

A golden pouf like this one is waiting for me in Morocco (image from houzz.com)

So how am I supposed to tell this beautiful story when painting is forbidden?  Accessorize.  That’s right.  My colors would just have to come in through the use of accessories.  Slowly but surely, this is what I have been doing.  My bench got a navy paint job, though it could use another coat of paint.  My kitchen glasses, cooking utensils, kitchen towels are all pale pink….and there really is a golden pouf with my name all over it just waiting for me in Morocco…stay tuned for more pics of what’s about to happen…