Acrylic anyone?

Before I moved into my apartment, I inherited an acrylic occasional table that had been used as a display table at a boutique/spa where my sister had been working.  By inheriting, I mean that the boutique it had been living in was closing and the table was going to be dumped if no one took it.  The table was way too beautiful to just be thrown away and though I had no apartment at the time and no idea what I was going to do with the table, I knew it was too good to pass up.

Basically I had one day to decide I wanted the table and even less time to figure out how I was going to get the massive table home. Though the table was not what you might consider big, it weighed a ton! I was able to convince and hire the two movers to bring it to my sisters apartment where I was living at the time…a four floor walk up. What an experience that was….I honestly did not think the table was going to make it. But after much huffing and puffing and other unmentionables, it did. The table stayed under plastic wraps for over a year until I could give it a proper home.

Lucky for me I have good friends who seem to be just as crazy as I am when it comes to design and projects.  These friends always seem to help me out when I most need them.  Once again my friend Markus Winter, owner of Lampedo, came to save the day. Markus and I got to work and somehow managed to bring my super heavy occasional table down four flights of stairs and up to its new home in my second floor apartment. Here are some pics of how we did it and what I did with it…I think I made the right decision, don’t you?

We made it to my building....

We made it to my building….

The table...ready for the last leg of the adventure

The table…ready for the last leg of the adventure



Let's try it here...

Let’s try it here…



Let's try this wall instead

Let’s try this wall instead

I think this table just found a new home

I think this table just found a new home

Take it off!

Take it off!

How do I look?

How do I look?


The Grand Tour

There are so many projects I want to tell you about, questions I would like to ask, inspirations and colors I’d like to share but I think before I can do all of that, it might be a good idea to actually share my space with you.  Yes, I’ve talked about the hardwood floors in every room (except the bathroom), the white walls and white kitchen and bathroom cabinets, the number of curtainless windows I have (this is a good thing…the windows part), my corner bedroom and all the amazing sunlight I get pretty much all day long…I almost feel bad telling you about it, but nothing paints a picture better than the real thing.  So I think it’s time for the grand tour.  Are you ready?

The Kitchen

The kitchen, one of the first things you see when you walk into my apartment…not too bad for New York.


Living Room…to the left….look at that sunshine

Living Room…to the right…look at that floor



Sunny bathroom...what a fancy tub you have

Sunny bathroom…what a fancy tub you have




Bedroom windows...look at those blue skies

Bedroom windows…look at those blue skies


My room and my rug...from Marrakech with love

My room and my rug…from Marrakech with love


Last but not bed

Last but not least…my bed

What do you think?











Big Plans, Little Budget

A loooooooooong time ago I left Brooklyn, NY and moved into a little house in Pennsylvania.  Life changes, huh?  I left behind my roommate, fellow interior design junky and my best resource when it came to picking out fabrics and deciding what color to paint the walls.  She & I started this blog because we’ve discovered no one else wants to listen to us talk about throw pillows.  Shocking, I know.

If you haven’t guessed it – I’m the “Little House” portion of this partnership.

Everyone called this a starter house before the bubble burst.  I never got that.  After living happily in a two bedroom, second floor walk-up the reality is that I don’t want the hassle that comes with a lot of square footage.*  So I’ve set out to make my 1940’s style brick twin into a jewel box… one small step (and trip to the CoinStar) at a time.

It’s a work in progress and, taking a hint from the Domino Design Book, I need to put together a plan for each room in the house.  It’s always best to have a map to where you’re going.  First up is the Living Room.

 I’ve tried everything, and I just can’t get this room to work!  It has good bones, don’t you think?  I love the hardwood floors and my big bay window.  Don’t ask me what I was thinking, though, when I chose that color!

Here’s what I’m looking to accomplish:

  • Incorporate Some Bookshelves – preferably built-ins… I have ALOT of books
  • New Window Treatment for the Bay Window (our neighbors are learning way too much about us)
  • Find a Functional Furniture Plan (That TV has to go up on a wall – but I don’t have much in available wall space.  And once I hang the TV, how do I position the couch?)
  • Part of “Finding a Functional Furniture Plan” means deciding which pieces of furniture to keep and what needs to go.
  • Change that Paint Color????
  • More Comfy Seating
  • Bigger Area Rug to anchor the room
  • Consolidate the artwork hanging in random spots all over the house & create a gallery style wall
I think I’ll need to start with a color scheme.  It’s the least intimidating.
*hassle = code for “don’t want to have to clean”