Big Plans, Little Budget

A loooooooooong time ago I left Brooklyn, NY and moved into a little house in Pennsylvania.  Life changes, huh?  I left behind my roommate, fellow interior design junky and my best resource when it came to picking out fabrics and deciding what color to paint the walls.  She & I started this blog because we’ve discovered no one else wants to listen to us talk about throw pillows.  Shocking, I know.

If you haven’t guessed it – I’m the “Little House” portion of this partnership.

Everyone called this a starter house before the bubble burst.  I never got that.  After living happily in a two bedroom, second floor walk-up the reality is that I don’t want the hassle that comes with a lot of square footage.*  So I’ve set out to make my 1940’s style brick twin into a jewel box… one small step (and trip to the CoinStar) at a time.

It’s a work in progress and, taking a hint from the Domino Design Book, I need to put together a plan for each room in the house.  It’s always best to have a map to where you’re going.  First up is the Living Room.

 I’ve tried everything, and I just can’t get this room to work!  It has good bones, don’t you think?  I love the hardwood floors and my big bay window.  Don’t ask me what I was thinking, though, when I chose that color!

Here’s what I’m looking to accomplish:

  • Incorporate Some Bookshelves – preferably built-ins… I have ALOT of books
  • New Window Treatment for the Bay Window (our neighbors are learning way too much about us)
  • Find a Functional Furniture Plan (That TV has to go up on a wall – but I don’t have much in available wall space.  And once I hang the TV, how do I position the couch?)
  • Part of “Finding a Functional Furniture Plan” means deciding which pieces of furniture to keep and what needs to go.
  • Change that Paint Color????
  • More Comfy Seating
  • Bigger Area Rug to anchor the room
  • Consolidate the artwork hanging in random spots all over the house & create a gallery style wall
I think I’ll need to start with a color scheme.  It’s the least intimidating.
*hassle = code for “don’t want to have to clean”