Sunday Morning Coziness

I have really come to love and appreciate Sunday mornings.  In fact, they are my favorite time of the week.  Sunday mornings are a time to relax, take your time enjoying a cup of coffee, have brunch with friends, go for a morning walk and basically just relax.  I live alone and waking up on a Sunday morning, especially when the sheets have been freshly washed, with the sun peeking into my bedroom has really got to be one of the best moments.  Everything is calm, quiet and light and the best part is that it is all mine.  I allow myself not to feel pressured by the to do lists and all the random to dos that pop into my head, a difficult task.  I try not to mindlessly jump out of bed to begin my tasks.  I try not to schedule myself to be anywhere.  So for a few moments, every Sunday morning I get to really absorb my environment, the sounds, the colors, the textures and truly take pleasure in my calm, little haven.  This Sunday morning I’d like to share a little bit of my Sunday morning coziness with you.  Happy Sunday!!!


Love the light coming into the room as well as the textures...brings me calm

Love the light coming into the room as well as the textures…brings me calm


Fresh Sheets...yum!

Fresh Sheets…yum!


How To Make A Bed

One of my big projects when I moved into my apartment was to make myself a bed.  When I moved in, I spent the first two nights sleeping in a sleeping bag.  Not comfortable.  As you can imagine, my first purchase was a mattress.  Since I had no boxspring (and didn’t really want one) and didn’t have a headboard (and didn’t really want one), I needed to figure out a way to get the look I wanted without all that stuff.  My new mattress was great, but having it sit on the floor was not so great.  I have always loved the idea of a bed that was set low I don’t like the heaviness of many woods and I don’t like the coldness of metal either.  I didn’t want anything that felt or looked too heavy.   What I wanted was something clean and simple.

When I began my research, I kept seeing beds and other pieces of furniture made from shipping pallets.  I loved the ideas and decided that was what I wanted.  But first I needed some pallets.  Luckily, my good friend Markus Winter an antiques dealer and owner of Lampedo, was able to hand deliver four very beautiful pallets to my apartment so that my DIY project could begin.

Below are some of the inspiration images I came across as well as a peek at how I made my bed.  What do you think?

Cool idea....pallet bed on wheels....catch a cool breeze on a spring day (Photo found on Pinterest

Cool idea….pallet bed on wheels….catch a cool breeze on a spring day (Photo found on Pinterest

Love how the pallet bed just blends into everything else in the room....look so cozy!  (Photo found on Pinterest

Love how the pallet bed just blends into everything else in the room….look so cozy! (Photo found on Pinterest

And this is the one that won me it!!! (Photo found on Pinterest

And this is the one that won me over….love it!!! (Photo found on Pinterest

First step....getting 4 pallets into my apartment

First step….getting 4 pallets into my apartment

Next, a paint job

Next, a paint job

Here's a sneak peek...

Here’s a sneak peek…

Here is the finished product...not bad

Here is the finished product…not bad

Here is another angle of the bed

Here is another angle of the bed

And that's all....what do you think?

And that’s all….what do you think?

Warm & Cozy

It’s February in NYC.  The last few weeks have brought us quite a few chilly days.  It has been so cold that I have actually started wondering why I still live in New York.  Most days I try not to leave my apartment unless I really, really have to….good thing I like my apartment so much.  Today I woke up to snow falling.  I must say it was quite lovely.  What made it even more lovely was that after spending all day yesterday without any heat, this morning the heat was finally turned on.  My bedroom felt so cozy and warm.  I have always loved the old details in my apartment–the molding, the hardwood floors throughout, the curved bathtub but none so much as my heater this morning.

Enjoy the snow and stay warm!!!

Warm and beautiful

Warm and beautiful

The Grand Tour

There are so many projects I want to tell you about, questions I would like to ask, inspirations and colors I’d like to share but I think before I can do all of that, it might be a good idea to actually share my space with you.  Yes, I’ve talked about the hardwood floors in every room (except the bathroom), the white walls and white kitchen and bathroom cabinets, the number of curtainless windows I have (this is a good thing…the windows part), my corner bedroom and all the amazing sunlight I get pretty much all day long…I almost feel bad telling you about it, but nothing paints a picture better than the real thing.  So I think it’s time for the grand tour.  Are you ready?

The Kitchen

The kitchen, one of the first things you see when you walk into my apartment…not too bad for New York.


Living Room…to the left….look at that sunshine

Living Room…to the right…look at that floor



Sunny bathroom...what a fancy tub you have

Sunny bathroom…what a fancy tub you have




Bedroom windows...look at those blue skies

Bedroom windows…look at those blue skies


My room and my rug...from Marrakech with love

My room and my rug…from Marrakech with love


Last but not bed

Last but not least…my bed

What do you think?