Sunday Morning Coziness

I have really come to love and appreciate Sunday mornings.  In fact, they are my favorite time of the week.  Sunday mornings are a time to relax, take your time enjoying a cup of coffee, have brunch with friends, go for a morning walk and basically just relax.  I live alone and waking up on a Sunday morning, especially when the sheets have been freshly washed, with the sun peeking into my bedroom has really got to be one of the best moments.  Everything is calm, quiet and light and the best part is that it is all mine.  I allow myself not to feel pressured by the to do lists and all the random to dos that pop into my head, a difficult task.  I try not to mindlessly jump out of bed to begin my tasks.  I try not to schedule myself to be anywhere.  So for a few moments, every Sunday morning I get to really absorb my environment, the sounds, the colors, the textures and truly take pleasure in my calm, little haven.  This Sunday morning I’d like to share a little bit of my Sunday morning coziness with you.  Happy Sunday!!!


Love the light coming into the room as well as the textures...brings me calm

Love the light coming into the room as well as the textures…brings me calm


Fresh Sheets...yum!

Fresh Sheets…yum!


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